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Bailiff Course

Train to be a Bailiff. We run our bailiff courses every 2-3 months, contact us for further details.

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What is a Bailiff (Enforcement Agent)?

A Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) is a person with the Legal Authority to enforce the payment of debts by seizing the debtor’s goods.

This process is now known as commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR). Debt collectors do not have this authority.

Who can be a Bailiff (Enforcement Agent)?

Anyone from any background it does not matter what sex, race, size or age (must be over 18). We know hundreds of Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) from various different backgrounds. Some are ex-Police or ex-Forces but the vast majority are just ordinary people who were sick and bored of their mundane jobs and wanted to do something interesting. We deal on a daily basis with ex-teachers, ex-wagon drivers, ex-sales staff and ex-financial services staff. The only qualification must be the ability and confidence to communicate professionally with people of all levels.

Do I need a licence?

No, not a licence but a Certificate at present, although an SIA licence is on the cards for the future. In order to gain your Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) Certificate the Distress For Rent Act says that amongst other things (details given on Course) you will need: -

A) A reference from a person or organisation who can testify to your knowledge of CRAR. By completing this course we will provide you with this reference and a Certificate of Attendance.

B) The District Judge that issues your certificate may question you on your knowledge of CRAR to ensure you have sufficient knowledge.

By completing our course you should gain the basic knowledge necessary to answer confidently and correctly any questions the Judge puts to you.

What will it cost to set up?

The cost to become a Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) varies depending on geographical location due to the cost of newspaper advertising. However an estimate of around £1,200.00 would be enough to start. But note that some of these costs will be incurred every two years as renewals will be required.

The overall costs are made up as follows: -

£350.00 –  Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) Training Course costs (inclusive of buffet lunch/tea/coffee).

Then there are additional steps you will need to take once you have completed the course: -

£175.00 Application fee to the County Court

£200.00 – £300.00 Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) bond

£23.00 CRB Disclosure

£16.00 CCJ search

Who is the author of the course?

The author of our Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) Course is Andy Coates M.A.B.I., M.E.S.A., M.A.C.E.A., P.T.L.L.S.

Andy has been in the Enforcement business for over 21 years as both a Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) and as a Manager/Director, passed the examination of The Enforcement Services Association ESA (formerly The Certificated Bailiffs Association CBA) and has a vast experience of enforcement work.

Andy’s Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) experience includes Distress for Commercial Rent, Forfeiture of Commercial Leases, 1991 Road Traffic Act Debt, Council Tax and National Non Domestic rates, Child Support Act Debt, Magistrate Court Fines, and Arrest / Committal Warrants.

Andy is a member of The Enforcement Services Association ESA (formerly The Certificated Bailiffs Association CBA), Association of Civil Enforcement Agents ACEA, Association of British Investigators ABI (former Northern Branch Chairman and current Governing Council member), National Association of Investigators and Process Servers NAIPS (Association President) and International Professional Security Association IPSA.

Where will I get work?

Earnings as a Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) are always dependant upon geographical location, types of work undertaken and how good you are at the job. These can typically range from £500.00 – £1500.00 per week!

You will have to market local solicitors, landlords, other Bailiff (Enforcement Agent) companies and letting agents who supply this type of work. We are often looking for Bailiffs (Enforcement Agents) across the UK on a sub-contracting basis.

Where is the Bailiff (Enforcement Agents) course held?

One day course – 09:00 hours until 17:00 hours

Location – Darlington (North East England) & London

We run our courses every 2-3 months.


Darlington – 11th September 2014

London – 25th September 2014

If you wish to have a no obligation chat with a member of staff please contact our head office on the below number: - 

HEAD OFFICE      – 0844 414 2131

or alternatively please email us for further details on: – training@alpha1legal.co.uk